~ three parts mad, and the fourth delirious, with perpetual rushing of hard times ~ Dickens

Thursday, August 9, 2012

On 8/09/2012 11:16:00 PM by Unknown

Ah… I was in love with the life,
How can I be like this,
How can I keep complaining about it all the time,
Its beautiful, and good,
Its painful, yet serene,
I used to cherish the fragments,
How come I curse the few painful moments.
Oh.. I loved my life.

Life was shallow, yet I fought,
Life was all chilly, yet I survived,
Life was all damning, yet I thrived,
Nothing has happened, yet I complained.
That was wrong,
That’s not how I used to live,
That’s not how I promised I will live,
To you.. While we were parting our goodbyes,
Yet I faltered,
Yet I complained.. like a pacifist
Which I ain't is,
Oh.. I loved my life.

Ah.. I was in love with my life,
Always with the smile beneath the nose,
And shared the smile with all those,
One thing I learned was to love life,
I was good, whenever I was good,
And I was good, whenever I was bad,
Yet, I faltered, I complained,
I still love my life,
For its all that I have left,
And I now how fortunate I am,
To live the treasure, called life,
Oh.. I love my life,
And I know why!