Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prabesh revisted

This note is solely inspired by Sadhana Sanba Limbu.. And her notes…(read your note and thought I should write something like that)
While revisiting… I couldn’t find much to write about and they were many things to write about too.
From kid I had two Uncles who cared about me and my lil sister, I feel bit more my sister coz she was younger than me. I still remember the day when I was in Kindergarten and I topped the class, Baba was a teacher then(in another school); and I remember he had to give treat to all my teachers. While it’s the another part of story that I sucked after that, I didn’t do well in my classes. Studywise I can summarise my schooling into three parts, the first few years when I knew many things without reading anything, some more years I didn’t do well in studies because I was busy reading other books, we still have all the whole lot of old books. Baba always brought me the books I wanted, in early days I used to read the fairytale ones like everyone does, but I guess I was in 6 when I finished reading Ramayana and Mahabharata…. I don’t think I understood much but I read every lines I assure that.I was gud at literatures, general knowledge and other stuffs, but poor at studies, then came the last three or four years when I tried to do well in studies too, I used to have fierce competition with Junu.
Junu Dhakal, u never knew that I intentionally did bad in my class 8 finals as I had seen u had written somewhere that u felt bad when u dropped your position… the outcome was not as I wished, I came first.
I had some good friends over the time, some are still there, some went away, many are not the same, I cant tell about myself though, its hard to judge yourself aint it?obviously the carefree times were very special, it feels funny how I used to call Kung-Kung, Jhyaldhoke, Sadhe Nau and so on..the days when I used to sleep late in the day, wake up in the evening and fight with kaka to take me to school, and he used to take me to school.How pathetic we were then that we used to run for the shows like Chandrakanta and Shaktiman as there were very few TVS then. I used to be very afraid of Bikes, Bus and planes, especially I didn’t want to go to Kathmandu because of the Madhan Bhandari accident, the plane crash in Naghdhunga and the landslides…. All that happened in the 1996,I guess! The night used to be great slleping beside grandpa listening to his stories, and the morning always started with his cup of tea. I always felt I was the luckiest guy in the world, who got whatever he wanted.. I still remember myself being unhappy once, when he stopped me from a pen I really wanted, I was rowdy then, used to eat little, never talked with anyone,, and one day he gave me a new pen, even better than I wanted and asked me to come first. It’s the only time I remember.

I didn’t have any struggles, may be my lot of struggle is yet to come, and I know there will be many, but Why crawl if we are provided with wings,  aint it? life has changed a lot since school, may be not the same,the food prepared by mom still better than any 5star hotels,always the favourite, the cup of tea of my grandfather is the best(Sadly he doesn’t take tea anymore though),sleeping in his bed is what I like more than anything, I still am afraid of dad,that brings the respect out of me. How many things has he done for me, for baini…I know its qualitative and cant be measured but  we are bankrupt,cant pay it back but may be fullfilling your dreams will be the best way to pay back. All those operations and still active like all those years…MUMMy love u. and the respect for buwa, aama and hajur didi will never get down, same as the love and respect for uncles. Fighting like a kid with cousins is better than most of the things in the world if not all.

I don’t know what I have written, I am not going to proof-read it, I simply wrote what came in my mind, its nearly 3 am here, as the clock in the PC is showing, sadly I don’t have a clock to remind me what time is it, no-one liked wearing watch in my family, may be it constrained .


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