Friday, May 13, 2011

I am a DORK, and I don’t have problems with it!

I am #Dork- and I don’t have any problems with it!

Yes, I am a dork, I am an introvert,I don’t socialize too often, I don’t play games like you do,.. I say it in Bold letters. What I do or not, its none of your business j**ks! Why do people always tend to think about ‘just’ the things that we are unable to do. Why they always make lemony faces out of lemon and not even try if they can find a way to make lemonade out of it? Why can’t thy say that the cup is half full instead of seeing it half empty. The answer my friend is, just as Dylan said, ‘Blowing in the wind’.

I don’t have many friends, I lived by a pretty small friend circle, and all of them are special. There are some who are be-friending me since the day we together felt this earth, from those toddling days to this time when my life has seen 22 dry and ruthless winter, they have always been the one who showed me the spring.Not just them,there are some whom I met in the school (they never let me feel winter in my life), and few more when I was in High-school. For all of them, I don’t have words to say how much they are important for me. (They will probably kill me in unison) Since we are not together chatting and skyping is what binds us together. I confess I am a terrible Chat-person, sometimes I pretend to be offline or most of the times I forget I am in the middle of conversation or skype call, how can I say sorry to you guys? school ka sathiharu1

I never drank(occasionally I did, not gonna lie), don’t smoke a cigarette, I don’t know anything about pot or acid or sugar. I am not even a bathroom singer, A terrible-terrible dancer, horrible gambler. Guess, that makes me introvert and unsocial? does it? well, then shut the f**k off u maroon! I don’t care abt a s**t about what you will say.

About the things I do; I used to play cricket, was good at it too (wasn’t i? @rishav,anish,binod,lekhe,saroj) a medium pacer who bowled his hearts out but batted always out-of-shorts, I stopped playing cricket when I broke my toe when trying to bowl like Zaheer Khan(No one in my family knows about it), sometime after high school. I never liked playing football. I was good at chess and chequers, that doesn’t qualify as sports I guess.

I have to confess that I like reading books compared to watching movies, I always liked “Five point some one” to 3-idiots, or Angels and Demons, the Da Vinci code the books compared to the films(No problems with the,probably, everyone’s favourite Tom Hanks). Harry Porter series, though I prefer book compared to movie, but excuse me Emma is awesome! I am not a bookworm but I love reading them, pretty much anything. Anything means anything but some boring lecture sheets, just as one of them pissed me off and I ended up writing this post.

I go to bed every night(or morning you can say) with the hopes of seeing dreams I wish to see, but I will never see them. May be I am destined to see dreams while awake(oops! that was my ID speaking by the way). When I have to wake at the dawn, I have to keep all my alarms alert for 9 am so that I will be able to take my morning class at 10am.(just like shethinksofherself di said, 9am is buttercrackofdawn in my world). After numerous snoozes when I finally get up at 9:30am I have to rush to the bathroom to finish my daily dosage of routines, I just water my hair and give it any casual style and run for the university. Thank the holy lord that it usually rains in the night, I hate using umbrellas.

When it comes to MO:MOs I am a monster. I can eat pretty much anything if it is labeled “non-veg”(I don’t like competing with animals for their food), but cant even kill a pigeon. I live by coffees, colas and chocolates, and hate those food labeled “I am full of Oil” allover it, but I guess I don’t have any choice while I am here. Almost always my day starts with Kabir Mama ko Khichuri and generally ends it there, I between which there are always innumerable numbers of Chiyas.

Although I have read a lot of religious folktales, Never did I believed any of them. Here I am now is agnostic form of me, who by birth is Hindu, believes in Buddhist principles, respects all the traditions/religions and follows none. If I am to point out the type of person that freaks me out, the Astrologers tops the list.

Hey, you may wonder, I ended up writing this post with so many pointless lines, but  didn’t try to offend myself. Sorry but I don’t think I have any problems with me( no its not my ego speaking, and you can call me anything you like to  call coz. I simply don’t care). Just as Kurt cobain once said,”I would rather be hated for who I am, than be loved for who I am not”

ok! that probably justifies I am a dork!


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