Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back home!

So, After 9 months I am finally back home. I was welcomed by a superstition of 9 months and like that. A lot of things have changed here. Since I am no longer always living in home and my brother has grown up to be able to sleep alone, it seems he has overtaken my room. Sharing bed with him isn’t bad either. Thank GOD, he hasn’t replaced the posters of Shane Warne, Mcgrath, Federer, sampras, Monica seles and Graff with his idols.I can still see the books I used to read, from the collection of articles of Lenin (all 9 parts), writings of Marx, the communist menefesto, The bright star to sirish ko fool, Radha, palpasa café, Dadhim ko rukhnera, and laxmi nibandha sangraha. It seems all the english books has been taken by my sister, who is gonna kill me when she comes here next week for not bringing her any books this time. Tuesdays at Dhaka Sucks.

It was a bumper-dumper ride for more than 24 hours with some welcome seats and some unwelcome. The toughest part was while travelling through India to Nepal where we had no place to stand-comfortably in the passage. Do I look like indian? the addicts who make money to buy drugs by doing job of broker in the bus stand at the Nepal-India border called me, ‘Aap saman yaha rakhiye!’ for which he had to pay price as I left his bus in anger.

The first food I ate reaching Nepal was, no prize in guessing, of course MO:Mo. We, nepali are so crazy about it hai. Thanks that I don’t have to eat jhal-fries,khichuri and jpt chiyas no more, at least for few days. Back home, the best cook, my mom, made the best food which I was forced to eat so early as per my schedule of Bangladesh that I felt hungry by midnight Smile. was forced to wake up so early in the morning as the kids wont let me sleep till late. basically has to change my sleep awake pattern all over.

While coming saw a terrible piece of crime. A women, left her newborn baby to die in between Maize-planted Areas to die sometime during midnight, with sal-naal in it and putting mud in his mouth.The suspect was a women I didn’t knew, who I heard ran away this morning, making herself ‘just guessing’ to ‘she is that criminal, a hell of criminal’. Hope the police catches her soon, and make her suffer her sins.

The best thing about being at home this time is you can enjoy all the flowers, the fruits like leechi and mangoes among others and walk in the rain no matter what. Being the rainy season, its not a great pleasure as due to some absurd reason the “No Electricity corporation of Nepal” always tends to cut the electricity during rains.

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