Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nepal_ where the Shangri-La is!

Somewhere in this world lies a country draped along the greatest heights of Himalayas; encircled by deep dark forests holding many wonders; bubbling and roaring, uninterrupted Waterfalls of immense strength and beauty; chosen by Almighty to render help from; a place so holy and tolerant enough to let Lord Buddha be born and inseminate the knowledge of life.clip_image002

This is what all people read and know about Nepal which they have read across many sites and magazines but let me, an inhabitant of Nepal, explain you what Nepal really is, from the experience of mine.

If we wanna experience or feel the nature in its purest ie wildest form, if you wanna witness how the mother of all, Nature looks like, then pay a visit to Nepal. The exotic scenes, the unexplored caves, never traversed forests all in their purest form dating back to the time when conventions like date system was never established.

Many of you have visited mountains and been thrilled to see: unwinding paths, extreme cold, depleting O2 level and the proudness of the mountain to stand tall and unmoved by any of the natures or human forces but let me tell you if you are a person thrilled by that never visit Nepal coz it may be an overdose.

The mountains here make those which you saw previously as plains. Oxygen in the summit of the tall avenger is as rare as a smile in the devils face. The paths winds in such a fashion that even the newest of your gadgets cant help you locate easily where you are. And the cold, damn even air is frozen here and everything looks snow white. Above all, the adventure you get, the thrill you feel, the satisfaction that will run through your blood, the happiness you will receive will be never ending. It feels, really, I want to do this again and again and if possible again.

A small country, yet one of the richest in water, does it feel like I should explain what it would be like. Oh, the heavenly waterfalls breezing cold air, rivers beneath the darkest forest hustling past the leaves creating symphony in the air, the serene and peace lakes smiling with you.

And the extreme sports and adventures that Nepal brings in collaboration with divine Nature: White water rafting across streams, Kayaking, taking off in micro-light aircrafts or paragliding for a good view of the mountains, Mountain biking, hiking to nearby destinations, bird watching, canoeing in the rivers, staying in rural homestays, Jungle safari, Trekking and mountain climbing, waiting for the Bengal tiger in Chitwan's wild, sprouts awe stricken Gasp and silence in the admiration.

Have you heard of the apple of discord? That made Gods fight for it. I wondered why fight for it when we can get it anywhere till I visited Humla, a small hilly place in Nepal. The apple there can make you fight with anyone coz you will be never be satiated by it. It feels you are in paradise and they are offering you the best of their place.

Lord Buddha chose this ultra-holy utopian Nepal as his birth place to spread the message of peace, righteousness and compassion, yet Nepali are known for their bravery in battlefield as it was never captured let alone be ruled .

People here believe in love, care, respect and always adhere to it. They spare not a second to forgive their enemies.

Humble Nepali are always one of the most hospitable host of the guest.

Historical palaces, Serene stupas, divine temples, shrines and many other things enchants the sophisticated culture and tradition of here.clip_image004

And if you have heard of Yeti man and you are over achieving adventurer and want to search them, come here as it is still reported to be seen around here.

Who would show the negative aspects of their country and I am a patriot , but to see something so beautiful you must go through little difficulties. There are plights but the destination is a worth watching that would connect your dreams to reality and you would forget the hardship you went through.

via. Mikesh Khanal

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