Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exam Blues ani "The Swashank Redemption" hangover!

After exams is the favourite pass-time I ever have. thanks they gives us enough days in between the exams that I can sleep my hell out after a exam. I remember those SLC ko din haru and ti +2 ka days haru. when we had one exam after another continuously without any gaps, it was hard wasn’t it? The only good thing about it was we used to get preparation leave for a month or so. Yaha, we get no preparation leave or a preparation leave for a week or two. Ani, for collegers like me it is a confusing time, like you don’t get to leave, neither will I tie my tuppi, and read till the butt has to say otherwise.

So, yesterday was my exam, I still have three more to go, but have a four days in between the next. so all I did was, came to my room, threw the bag and other stuffs to one corner and started watching movies. It was like 3 movies in a row.. and then slept my hell out just to discover that its already 12 afternoon.

What do you people think? Writing for 3ghanta in the exam? is that enough to evaluate what you have learned the whole semester? What if something happens like you misplace the question numbers, or read the question wrong, or suddenly brain freeze occurs or say, you didn’t prepare on question, and that came in the exam? I am never a fanatic of such system. I am more of a ‘get hell with the exam’ type. For example how many time will you check the twitter or read news or even watch movies before your exams? I do it all the time. In the school, I used to play cricket a day before my slc exam, and read a novel, Jhasi ki Rani laxmi bai during my send ups.

Tara days are different now, aba tyastai careless vaiyo vane, my be I should try my hand in other field, (anyone planning to rob something? ), afterall I am not Bill Gates who will be saying,"In the Exams my friend used to pass and I failed everytime, today he is an engineer in Microsoft and I own it” may be the laws are too strict that I cant copy everthing from Apple and IBM. Ya, I am not a bad student by any means. Its like I used to prepare before the exams and just had to revise during exams then. tara, with the ages comes more webs and networks that I not always get to prepare for exams before the finals, exams can wait but the buddies,movies and fun cant wait kya!

yay! about the format, I suffer from such mental collapses more often than all. It was during the SLC when I got lesser number than a indian friend of mine in ‘don’t get damned’ Nepali, despite me being always good in the subject. Recently I did the same and got B+ in a subject I liked most and still I knew most among the class. Tara, there is no compalin to the teachers or the system, its simply I sucked in them. I am the same kid who said no when my teachers wanted me to upgrade a class coz I was afraid of carrying books. you guys remember right.. when you used to carry about ek Quintel of books and copy on your book? we were like Mule(but with the sexual power of course!) carrying load.

My cousins, when came to nepal said,"they don’t give us homeworks, she teaches us in between play, ani books haru pani tyai dinchan”. ya! with his cute lil sentence, he said it all what we are missing. We are often sadist about reading because the homework or the monotonus learn by heard assignment gave more terror to us than tyo Ram-Gadh wala Gabbar. Ani this is too big that we can either just complain or just shut off our mouth coz its not gonna change any time soon. the system has been like this for long, ani chalirahekai cha.

ok, lets forget about exam, jastai system vayeni, it doesn’t matter its open book or quiz or like here, the truth is I have to face it, and have do well. I watched the movie “the Swashank redemption” for like umpteenth time yesterday. I am a huge fan of tyo,"Andy crawled through five hundred yard of shit smelling foulness that I cant even imagine,or maybe I just don’t want to……. Andy a man, who crawled through river of shit and came out all clean outside” wala line ko huge fan ho. I was like “Oh! my holy god” when I saw it for the first time. And I like the two dialogues from the movie most, “Get busy living or get busy dying” ani the lines of letter Andy wrote to Redd,"Hope is a good thing, probably the best of things… and remember Redd NO good thing ever dies”. Tyo kale Morgan Freeman ko I am like ‘I will pay everthing to see him’ type ko Fan ho, ani he acted better than this pro’lly in ‘The million dollar baby’ only. and that parole wala scene in the last stages of the movie is simply too awesome not to rewind it again. Ani after Shawashank, I watched Invictus ani The bucket list. so, it was a Morgan freeman especial night.

oops! its already four here.. aba chai have to start cooking lunch… otherwise I might have to say I fasted today!

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