Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gravid Soul!?

I am inseminated. I am carrying the embryos of Dharhara and Ranipokhari. I have to give birth to new Dharhara and Ranipokhari and a new morning. I fear whether I would be able to reproduce, my innocent fetus might die fighting with the ugly environment and surroundings. Because everything around me is ensnared in indignity. Every Breath I take, I can get the whiff of pollution, pollution in the Name of Terai, hills, caste, religion and Federalism.

But I have a faith, reliance that Dharhara and Ranipokhari will be brought into life some day. The neoteric Ranipokhari won't be enclosed inside the iron pillars and bars, not compelled-not constrained. And it won't be a suicide spot for those who fight with their fate for one flock of land and handful of food. The Dharhara won't be standing forlorn, tired-frowzy and deserted-dejected, and it shouldn’t shed its unremitting tears in the form of Sundhara. I have to give Birth to a spick-and-span and welcome Ranipokhari and a smiling Dharhara.


“हे मरेर जानेहरु, एकचोटी बाँचेर त हेर-यहाँ बाँच्न कति गर्हो छ।”

Not just Dharhara and Ranipokhari, I have to give birth to heaps of things. In the huts of Husks in those dark unknown hamlets, I have to produce a gleaming light out of my womb. For the people of the slumps of Hills, Valleys and plateaus, walking with Sarangi like empty tummy and trading life for every penny, I have to bring food and safe alternatives. And I have to give birth to the dreams of Martyrs, who sacrificed their life for those who wished to live; I have to give birth to what they envisioned in the here and now. They are not to be the one who died for the county and many subsisted on their names. I have to give birth to their dreams, their entreaty, and a better nation they imagined.

To those little girls who already are housewives before they even eked out a living, I have to give birth to ray of hope; and awareness. To those who are trafficked as sex machines, I have to give Birth to new life. And to those young kids who were spellbound into revolutions, who are under infatuation of Drugs and Alcohol and whatever else, I have to promise a new future. For the so many people who visit temples in the morning and Pub in the evening, I have to give Birth to awareness. For those who beat in the Rock, jazz and Metal, I have to give birth to the predilection of our own folk and Modern songs.

And I have to give birth to many other things. In Short I have to give Birth to a utopian morning that can show off the darkness of the darkest of nights. Yes, I have to give birth to bright sunshine, a new morning and a better nation that our fathers and all Martyrs dreamt of!

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