Sunday, June 26, 2011

How the dreams flared- when I was kid till now!


When I was a boy I used to dream kya… um! I still dream hai, its not that I have gone blind or my late night cache memory dumped or tyastai kei, and I am older than the stage of wet dreams hai..(#JK). Ok, when I was a child, child vannale, when I used to say, “Hamro Kung Kung bata pani aauncha ta Nani babai” or the time when I wouldn’t bath or even go to pee without my best friend then (she eventually migrated when I started going school to I don’t know where, so umm! no dirty thinking hai ta!). and it were the days when I was black as a thru rey, my mum says,"Tah ta hernai nahune dhurmus(Dhiki wala hai, suntali don’t hit me) jastai this”ok, lemme say now, when I was a child, I used to dream about becoming a doctor. No offence to doctors who are pad-ding this post,but I don’t remember how mero crush paryo for this profession. All I remember is, if some one asked, “Babu timi thulo vayera k banne?” and I used to say,"Ma ta Thulo vayela doctol banne”.

Child_s dreams

Then school started. Somehow I managed to wear Jutta, shocks and Tai(oh! it was a torture wearing it), despite not liking any of them. My mom was a hitler when it came to discipline kya(thanks to her), but always I missed out to my sister in the yearly discipline/sarsafai wala was when I saw doctor operating one of my relative, and I was like, “chya kasto ghin lagdo kaam…. ma ta nabanne doctor soctor, baini timi pani nabana hai doctorni soctorni.” Then we bought a TV, the first thing I saw on TV was, Michael jackson dancing with ghosts in thriller, I swear to god I never understood a word but my eyes were glued in the TV. I never knew ko ho tyo manche, but I hero-ed him, and I wrote once “ma ta thulo vayera tyastai nachne manche banne” to mero euta teacher le sodhda class 1 ma hola, and mero euta sathi wrote,”sir, tyo ta mero khappar le nai janos”. Shame on the Michael jackson, I don’t even know kun chara ko naam Dance ho hai.. Bistarai, the thriller was replaced by other things.

Discovary aauna thalyo kya. I now mero latest crush was Engineers hai. I was dumbstruck how they built that Jumlya towers which tyo asati osama bin laden le pachi bhatkayo.. or the samundra mathi ko bridge in japan. Bistarai was getting older, harmones le hirkai sakeko thiyena. I was in competetion with my pachi gayera best frend hune wala sathi sanga( yeah she is a girl too, and mero goru becheko saino le aunty parche.. oops if I wrote this she will like explode like Fatman(nagasaki wala )) of who will be first. We were like Patrakar and parsuram type.

Then,the harmones hit me and all. everything was growing..Smile ani sathi haru pani banaiying thiyo. I was like allrounder, tyo huncha sapai kura garne tara kei pani ramrari nagarne wala, tyastai k! I used to write poems(Gyanendre inspired us all hola ni tyo bela), read books(whole lot of), watch movies all the time, and play cricket in jasto sukai mausam ma. I was good in study too. it was the same time both biology and the girl hit me(oops, biology ma reproduction ko chapter vayera hoina hai). Koi koi knew about both of the crushes.. but she didn’t, I was like I seldom speak to her(hamro ghar ko alchi biralo(shrek wala cha ni? tyastai k) killed more rats than the times I talked to her). but I was into biology, it was like fire in forest. I was damned about what I read in the books, ani science wala books haru (science reporter from india was one of them).

and x-factor, kasaile herya thiyo? the show in which salamander ko khai k jati garera tyo doctor le khutta banako? I was damned. And the college came. I was like I never cared anything except the books and tyo tolki keti(jo sanga  I talked only when I was leaving the place, yeah I was like sojho introvert type. Smile).


and so, I am here, studying biotechnology, that I dreamt of since class 8. I did a lot of papad-pelai to end up here, mero coleg ko sathi, with whom I shared same room for 2 years now never talks, his vai also goes offline when I am online, his dad says nothing, but mom, she stares me like tyo Murlitharan ko aankha. mero uncle le pani nepal ma nai pad vannu va ho,but I was like bolt, stubborn, obdurate, hya ko padcha tyasto agriculture type. so I ended up here. The dreams, oho! ma ta dreams ko barema lekhna thalya kaha past ma bhulechu hai. Ok my dream is kinda too damn optimistic. Some day I wanna be on the receiving end of nobel prize, wearing the badge of Yale…. haha! that’s too much isnt it, yeah, but vancha ni kasaile, :If you aim for the stars, you might end up in the moon. ani tyo cha ni, x-factor wala, I wanna try if that comes true.

ani, paisa kamaune, merceedez chadne, sara sansar ghumne, and blah blah blah ta chadai nai cha.. if you are to dream, why dream less kya!

(and btw.. Gufafdi.. pls dnt kick my butt for copeying your style without your permission)…. Winking smile

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