Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bol-BUM(!)….. and good luck with gastrics!

This Lady friend of mine was ill today. Weakness and dizzy and blah blah.. I didn’t ask for the reason k, I know she was fasting yesterday for some maroon Lord rey. With maroon I mean Bahula hai. I don’t have any problem with lord Shiva. And I would like to thank Ved vyaas hajurbuwa or whoever it was for making such a great character in our holy books. 
Ved vyaas was quite a man. The reason, He made 36,00,00,000 gods and goddesses at a time when there were I don’t know how many people in the world. I guess every people living got converted into dui-teen ota Bhagawan hola. And look at imagination, a man riding a rat rey, a man with four heads and 10 hands rey( how many maldwars to wash? idk!), an women riding tiger rey, one eye-blip of some god =10,000 human years rey, demons who lived in Patal arey(wasn’t the molten crest of earth there?).. ani some turtle carrying the earth. Even the sun and moon felt in love, Ajha Jupitor’s chori and moon were lover rey. I don’t know who or what gave him such weird inspirations? Kudos Veda vyas Hajurbaw.

Aba j vaye pani Shrawan is Lord Shiva’s Day. Shiva has been inspiration of all those jogi dais and Jogini didis all over the world who have lost courage to fight the world hai(or so I think). We all love him, don’t we. He is so adorable too, or so vyaas made him. He wore some Baag-saag and elephant=seliphant ko chala, had long ‘kahile nakoreko, jatta pareko kapal", and a snake around his neck rey. And he ate Ganjas, Dhaturo and Bhaang all the time, covered himself in ashes and lived in himalays arey….. isnt he cute and adoreable? I don’t know why government bans all those favourite food of Lord shiva. And what if someone tries to copy the lord, we call him Gunda, Mawali or addict or paagal and yada yada? Or, they will take you to some cell, and let you rot for a day or two.
J hos, we are praying him since ages. Ani nepal ko income ko sabaibhanda thulo shroot ni shiva ko body part (idk if I wrote clearly, some of my reader think that as vulgar.. Tara jaha Bhagawan hai, waha saab chalta hai) hola nai. It would have, tara no-one keeps the book, and that Bhatta-shatta takes all the money to india rey. We Nepali are such weirdos… we wont pay tax, tara we pay lots of elephants to that Bhatta-shatta everytime some occasion comes. However, when it comes to ‘giving a penny’ to some magante… we realize we don’t have a penny.
 J hos its Shrawan, Bol-Bums…ko mahina and I am not supposed to say so many wrong things about him. Every monday, the girls pours water in shiva ko that part so that they can get good husband, or for the better of their husband( god,.. when will they start to ask something for themselves too?) and we boys also go to shiva-temples so that we can look at some girls. Funnily, the girls are asking Shivaji like Buda, well, Do they mean Ganjedi? The buses full of yellow-clothed devotees-and not so devotees go to some shiva temple far away every monday. I went to Jaleswar/Janakpur when I was in class 9 too. Ani when I came back in the midnight to my place I ate more than two litres of water before I could talk with anyone, the place sucked ( no offense Janakpurwalas).
 Although, Shiva never succeded in his both marriges, I don’t know how will he help other girls getting husband. Don’t you know? His first budi sati commited ‘I quit’ by jumping in the fire (and we ended up getting a temple for each and every cell of her…. Kudos ved vyaas!), then he married to some mangol girl called Parwati. His both sons were born by abnormal ways, Ganesh from sarirko mayal and Kumar, I forgot how(or did vyaas wrote it somewhere that ganga was Surrogate mum?) .. yeslai, can we conseder successful marrige?
Tara, Good luck with gastrics.. all the girls.And don’t loose more water from your body(saliva) when I say I am having some chicken dishes every monday. By the way, doesn’t Bol-Bum really mean speak-ass?
You guys(mostly gals) keep on swearing me… or shooting comments.... Jay Shambu, and Jay Bol-Bum (don't go on finding the meaning otherwise it will mean speak from ass now.. eww)

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