Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cars 2, Delhi Belly and “Fire in Babylon”


Yesterday was a day when I Downloaded-watched three movies, Cars 2, Delhi-belly and Fire in Babylon.

Despite not being a cartoon movie fanatic(yeah, I loved Shrek and toy stories too) I liked Cars very much. It was such a great movie that had everything to make you believe that Cars have life too, and come out and say… oh! I didn’t realize it was just cars. The part two of it, it wasn’t as good as Cars..or that’s how I felt. The Pixar always makes great movies.. there is no doubt about that, but this was a lil too much unrealistic unlike the first part. And, believe me it has nothing to do with the bad print of the torrent I downloaded.

cars-2-posterDelhi belly as all the movie-posters says was a shit –happened. Despite all the good reviews I didn’t like the movie. It must be because of my lack of sense of humor or else rather than incompetence of the Director. How could you like a movie, when you are watching it, with dinner plate in hand and it shows nothing but toilet, and shit itself. I have a feeling that the movie would have been a better family-comedy had those vulgar-swearing been deleted.Yeah, I am an adult and I didn’t have problems watching it, but it would have been odd watching with lil sister or a girlfriend, I guess.


The third was Fire in Babylon, oh I loved it. It’s a must watch for everyone who knows a lil about cricket. Anybody who knows cricket should always know how the West-indies were when they were in their prime. The pace-bowling combination made in heaven, openers better than anyone and a no. 3 that made the best bowlers their bunnies. Its hard to imagine that the team which was unbeaten for 15 years has come to such lowest standards in just 15 years down the line. Fire in Babylon is a portrayal of the determination of Clive lyod, the unjust, portrayal of what cricket can do, and the story of the best bowlers and the master blaster himslef.


I have never seen him play, live on telivision, but the highlights and footage I have seen of Malcom Marshall, has given me enough reason to think that if a team was made in heaven consisting of worlds best bowlers, there will be no-one but him to open the proceedings. With the lowest average you will see, I will never forget those seven wickets against england when he had his left had broken. The other great  West-indian bowler I really admire is Whispering death, Michell Holding. Watch his over against Boycott, 1981 and you will find enough reason to be his fan.

100525                                                                        Malco….. we miss you!

Its not just that they had four bowlers who could bowl 6 bouncers at over 90mph bowling in tandem, they had perfect openers a great captain and a batsman who intimidated everyone who carried the ball. Who else, Sir Vivian Richards himself. It took forever to come him into the crease, with chewing gum and smile in face, it was the lion about to wake up. He never ever wore a helmet, NEVER. I remember one of the highlights of him hitting the next ball for a six after being hit by a bouncer. and that innings of 189 will always be with me wherever I go.

Its good that the movie made some of those memories alive. Its hard to believe West-Indies has hit a rock bottom after 15 years. For me, I just like the bowler hitting the chest or jaw of batter or the off-stump going for the run, like Malco did so many times or that famous walking stump of Boycott-the last ball of that “Best over in Cricket”. 

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