Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random thoughts-Jordan,Norway,Amy ani Ma!

Nepal lost yesterday to Jordan in world cup qualifiers. I didn’t see the match, was goin to watch, untill they got one ‘alu’ only 7 minutes to play. So, I thought madhyaraat ko tato was a better option(#JK). Some of the newspaper wrote,"Nepal ko World cup khelne sapana adhuro”.. I mean seriously? Maile ta tyasto sapana kahile dekhina, My dreams are generally realistic.. FYI. The guru, Robert grant said, yo Nepali team were the best team in last decade rey? Really? I don’t know how to compare two teams, but this team is certainly better than tyo 28(Atthaise) goal khane team hai? May be all eleven were blown away by the talk of interest on Rohit Chand Bhai from Gunners and spurs. or Were they all waiting for the charming queen Rania to come and cheer for them hola ni? J hos, the players habituated to play in Khet(Or Khet’s are better than how Dasarath Rangasala looks today?) got only 9 potatoes and let them have none. I wonder who two among the eleven will be the unlucky ones? Any idea folks, Or should I phone Grant guru? Whatever happened, I don’t expect Nepali-players.

A day before that, almost hundred people were killed in Oslo. When I first heard the news, the first thing I thought was, Norway didn’t have any ties with America in the fight against terrorists. Now what we think about terrorists is well known. Baird like Osama or Mulla Umer Hajurbuwa, and cloths like taliban militant hai? oh! Hamra Prachanda ra Baburam uncle haru ajhai pani terrorist ko list ma chan kyare haina? on a quick note, Are the Mao buddies ousting Prachanda? common, be a Kamau-nistha and let him be a president(or primeminister), let his son earn some rupee-supee(like sujata aunty did when GP hajurbuwa was at the prime). These maobuddies don’t know the rule of being kamau-nist. Take a lecture or two from KP uncle, and see his golden watch, which he got when he was ghar-mantri.

Some explosions and a morron dressed up in police uniform firing at random people almost at the same time. That maroon, Beverik, a white christian killed people (who happened to be mostly homosexual) like we fry Makain in pot(Makai bhute jasari vanya k). Like, me even the Norwegian government thought the same. Branded some islamic terrorist group for the attack. Bichara haru, Attack gare pani naam aaucha nagare pani naam aaucha. What purpose did osama’s chelas find to kill people of Scandinavia? tara, as the news unfolded, they are branding the attack to some right extremist rey! Some guy called Meverick, an anti-marxist rey. Hopefully he will be in the mercy of yamaraaj soon, otherwise he will get away with just 21 years in prison(really?). Stuart Mill dai once said, “One person with belief is equal to 100,000 people with only interst”, that Maroon got inspired from it rey, ani bichara ti 90some peoples. Sad smile  

ani, hijo Amy Winehouse died re. I wonder how may people here knew who Amy was, tara I didn’t find a single person who didn’t write a status about her. What’s wrong with being 27 for a singer? Jim, Jimi, Janis, john, kurt, bryan scott and now Amy joins the club 27. Ani she killed herself suffocating herself in coccaine and semen rey. God, these angreji people.. they have no idea how easy it is to die here in this part of world. Marry with daughter of some Manania and you will get bepatta. J vaye pani, Amy once said she found herself guilty if she had to abstain from drinking rey. Her most famous song was Rehab, a place she hated the most hola. One thing I loved about Amy was her weired(no match to Bro-gaga tara) hair-dos. People call her a talent wasted, tara 4 grammeys is not an ‘effin joke… is it?

Ani I finished reading “The white tiger” by Arvind Adiga. It was a good read, tara india ma vaye jati sabai sluts ra gatekeeper lai nepali dekhauda chai ali naramro lagyo. Huna ta, if I was a writer, Chatpate-wala ani thotre falam wala sabai lai indian Bihari-vaiya vanera likhthe hola, so I am not complaining. Chineese Premier Ben Jia Bao must be happy-dappy, atleast Arvind dai showed him the real india, which Manmohan paji must have tried so hard to hide. if you want a better view, watch Rajnikanth movies.

What’s up with you guys?

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