Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Epic.. Laboratory Cartoons… #Microbiology #Biotechnology

Today I am sharing some funny laboratory Cartoons… so, get ready for a ride of Humor..

The first cartoon shows what not to eat from the Microbiology-fridge..


What about lemonade from the fridge which may turn out to be a plague culture?(Left)funny_biology_lab_joke_poster-p228147459361530466856b5_125 dgrn67l

or fancy seeing our Microbe-Mammals created in the above Microbiology lab?(Right)

What an Eukaryote might had said after evolution to the prokaryote ancestor?(Left)


or, see the bacteria doing Multiplication on the right!

Have you wonder what will happen when the Bacteria divides by fission? See this cartoon!


or what about this? Two clone rejects….(right)

Why not look at the funny sides of laboratory mouse? Look at these two cartoons?

Mouse-farewellwat a mouse want for breeding programme.

Experiments can be fun sometimes.. huh? but what will you say when this happens? say if two laboratory mouse fall in love with each other?


haha…. Pic courtesy of Google, and @ishzz

(p.s. No offense intended)

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