Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello we-weirdos, “Patriotism is dead!”

We are Weirdoes! We have patriotism flawing inside our every veins, but this arises only when someone of foreign country says something. We are the greatest mis-interpreters as well, the latest example being Taslima Nasrin’s case. and even more we are a great complainers. The government did this wrong, it should have done this, they are all corrupts and bla bla bla. But when it comes to doing something for the country, for example cleaning ur streets we all say…"Get hell with it”
Well, we are too proud of our great gurkha grandfathers that we can boast it to all, and think they have done enough that we don’t need to do any other things. But the truth is, our Patriotism died with them. Patriotism retired with Balavadra, Patriotism died with Bhakti thapa, and patriotism commited suicide with Bhimsem. Our Patriotism became obliged to first the shah’s and then ranas, and then the thugs we call politicians. We fought for parties against ranas, fought against shahs, fought for maoists, fought with each other in the Name of caste.. and probably its an story without any end, any subtitle but many subtle plots.
The thugs are playing with the fate for more than three years now. Look at what happened in the last three months.. well I am abroad, but how many times did they actually meet for writing constitution? well they seems too busy finding the next head of the thugs. I have been checking the timeline in twitter for long and I seldom see anyone posting anything distantly related to it.
Now, about the patriotism we have, I have to say that is just the hate against india we have. India or a indian did/ said this and that against our country or country men we all are awake protesting it. it was about 10 years back(I guess) when our patriotism came to consciousness against Hritik Roshan. then I remember the Iraq incident when all the muslims found hard to live in some crazy-districts of nepal. It is still in comma when its needed, like we have never fought reasonably high for Mahakali or Pasupatinagar issues. And Most of us certainly welcomed when our Vice President took oath in Hindi, which I don’t think is local language in any place in Nepal. I don’t see any comment from us, for all those patriots doing Nepal bandhas… or even when country is being broken into fragments.
I thought Twitter was a place where concious minds roamed. Even though I don’t post regularly, I sneak into my timeline almost always. So, I saw Taslima Nasrin tweet,"Dear nepali friends, I couldn’t come to nepal today, because I didn’t bring passport as I didn’t consider Nepal as a foreign country”, for an exiled writer like her, who have been living in India for almost 20 years now, I didn’t find anything to get offended, as I don’t know if they need passport/visa to enter Nepal for Indian people. But, the rage against Taslima started. And most of the tweet people mentioned her name with rage and swearings. Well, I don’t think that was needed. And that Umesh/salokya even found time to write a newspaper column against her instant.
j hos, nepali literature people would have loved her speech. She is a powerful speaker, and her struggle for feminism, and against conservative peoples is a no-joke. I love her works, and I am not angry abt that tweet, rather I feel fustrated for how Nepali people reacted. A few months ago same thing happened, as Stephen Colbert, the comedian of ‘colbert’s report’ said something about Kumari in his Colbert’s report and we poured our anger in his website with the words neither our great grandfather, neither ourselves can be proud of.
I am a Nepali, and a Patriot too, I guess. I don’t like anyone asking question against my contry’s sovereignty. But more than this, I loath against the evils of society. I loath against the evil traditions. May be it has to do with my agnostics that I don’t believe and argue with whats wrong in our holy-myths. I like to work for my society, I even taught in a local for 8 months when I was free for free, made local roads with neighbours,made dam when it flooded,took neighbours lil child at 3am to hospital on Nepal banda.. this is nt boasting myself, but rather telling that patriotism is not just what we, “boast our great grandfathers or Mt. Everest or Buddha” and grow evil inside. evil against India, evil against another caste, evil against Colbert, evil agains another religion and evil against Taslima Nasrin.
Yes, patriotism is dead,
It died with bhakti Thapa, It retired with Balavadra Kunwor, it commited suicide with Bhimsen,
I have seen people taking bribes under the flag of nepal, unmasking patriotism just like glass
I have seen patriotism being distributed to mercenaries, to those who voted, who looted
I have seen patriots fight with another caste, another religion and another region,
And, I saw patriots ruining  the name of great-gurkhas, swearing some foreigner for no reason
I havent seen a vein through which patriotism flows, I havent seen the heart which has it,
mt. everest and Buddha’s eyes are too tired waiting for patriots doing good for country,
which bird’s name is patriosm my friend, I havent seeen it flying in my country,
it is dead and buried my friends, burried very deep, u only can get it back to its realms.