Monday, September 5, 2011

Pagal Basti- Saru Bhakta(1-9) (#Download #audio)

After writing umpteen emails to the Shruti Sambheeg team and particularly Achyut Ghimire Dai, they finally aired the much appreciated work of SaruBhakta, Pagal Basti. And I am pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one who wrote requesting to read-out this novel.
There is no-one opposing that this pagal-basti is one of the best novel of Nepal, if not the best. Saru Bhakta, a pen name of Bhakta Raj Shrestha, published this book in 2048BS (1990 is it?) when the country was just retaining claim after turmoil.
This is not an review, but since I was child, the Saru Bhakta I knew always mixed some Abstract English word in between his works, that usually used to hard for kid like me to understand. I read Pagal Basti, when I was in Class-10, around the same time I got to know who Hippies were, and I started searching the similarity between the “Wood-stock” and the “pagal-basti”. Whenever I will meet saruBhakta(provided if I didn’t get dumbstruck) I will definitely ask this question to him.
Ok.. folks, sorry to make you read this, Here are a few(will add later, as Achyut dai keeps on reading) episodes of Pagal basti, which you can download..
Download: Pagal Basti 1
Download: Pagal Basti 2
Download: Pagal basti 3
Download: Pagal Basti 4
Download: Pagal Basti 5
Download: Pagal Basti 6
Download: Pagal Basti 7
Download: Pagal basti 8
Download: Pagal Basti 9

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