Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Musings… Anna, Nepal and Jhamak!

Anna Hajare is on “Fast till Death” in Ramleela Maidan, India,and is on 8th day(is it?). Indian people are calling this second revolution(or something like that), as he is fasting for action against corruption hola. Infact, as it is a movement against corruption a a lot of people are fasting with him, Perhaps Manche haru are more concerned about maintaining their frame hola.


Will they arrest both?

Government did obviously tried to stop him. Even took him to Tihar  jail, where he was treated as a guest. Hopefully, Suresh Kalmadi wasn’t in the same cell. I am not an Indian citizen to say something against/for team anna, tara since, Nepal ahile is first among the race of most corrupt south asian country, he can teach us a lesson or two.

First of all Anna is a Gandhian leader rey. In my country, there is no gandhian leader, but still we have our own communist leaders. Anna is still Gandhian, whilst our communist Mao-buddies and CPN_UML(is it united? really??) are just the Kamaunist version with only red flag left of communist version. May be they can be better compared to Ramdev hola, who tried to fast, mainly to establish himself as a political power. Yes, I don’t like Ramdev and I don’t like Balkrishna, one who was born in Nepal and now claims that he popped out in India. And Yay! Ramdev, Rakhi Shawant publicly said she will marry you, you two are perfect for each other.. outspoken, and never lacks publicity stunt.   And if the police is gonna arrest everyone who are fasting… what about the people who are forced to fast? what about to people who are living on Rs. 20 per day… or those having brata/Roja? (and those living in Famine)

Back in Nepal, the constitution assembly is on death bed. No, doubt the thugs will increase the life time by 3 months and loot another few million bucks legally, and more illegally. What happened in the last three months? The prime minister said he will resign, not resign, resign after stalemate is met.. and bla bla bla.. was busy travelling through nepal,giving bhasans and uthghatining , some of the police officers were punished for sudan scam, and understandably ministers were spared as we don’t have the Lokpal Anna is demanding in India. Now, as the deadline looms it seems hamro An Engineer wasted Bhattarai is going to be prime minister… And I remember, Prachandoo and Baburam pledged once that they will not head the government(it was after people’s movement and before election hola.. anybody?)… But TIN(This is Nepal), who cares about the pledges, may be some TV guy photoshopped the video and sound hola..

So, what’s now. We are already planning to ask resignation of new prime-minsiter. and since our godfather are agreeing on Chakriya pranali, we know who the next after next prime-minister will be. Whatever.. I don’t know they did anything great about writing constitution.. oH! yeah they made no smoking in public law too…. may be its time we go burrow the unwritten constitution system of United Kingdom. or may be a third movement is around the corner… If one Gaddaffi ressisted in Libya for so long.. I wonder how long they can resist in Nepal, 600 times more hola?

Jhamak-Kumari-Ghimire (1)

on some good note, Jhamak Kumari won Madan Puruskar. Its sad that when another feminist taslima Nasreen was being severely unwelcomed by our media and twiitter world, when it was announced that Jhamak won the award. Severly disabled(writes with her legs) both physically and a bit socially, she is a great inspiration. I have been following Jhamak from my school days, through her articles, and am previlaged to meet her once. The madan Puruskar winning book, Jiwan kanda ho ki phool, her sort of life story, is the picture of human courage, dignity and positive energy. And there is no doubt she is one of the best among the  contemporary Nepali Literature. So Kudos to Jhamak Ghimere, and her courage and congratulation for the greatest award of nepali literature. 

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