Monday, September 5, 2011

Old world views and Irony of Living at the age of Darwin

When I was a kid, My Grandfather used to tell me about the stories of how god created our world. I Know there are many versions of this story, but I am not completely aware of the other versions of the origin of earth except the Hindu one. I remember vividly, cuddling, on his shoulders, with my sister sometimes, I would listen the Hindu version of Myths. I was more interested in these stories than my bune.

So, According to the myths(which I am trying to remember.. if I am incorrect, please correct me), Lord Bishnu was living on the sesh-nag with nothing but water around him..and Bramha was created from his navel hola.. I forgot how Shiva was created, and from his nose-pricks, two daityas were also produced.. which Bishnu kills kyara. Anyways, Bramha created the universe and earth and all( surprisingly he created whole universe in a day and took other 6/5 days to create the earth and its inhabitants.) Manu was the first human and he and his wife were the fore father of this 6 million people hola(or is it bramha created devi dewatas too.. and saptarishis.. and bedh and even the dark forces too).. je hos the human being was born with knowledge..according to myths rey.. Then there was that story about human being from Kukhura ko suli and mato or something I used to like.

I cant particularly recall why I used to listen to all those stories with so much interest. The interest made me read many of our holy myths. It was before I knew who Lamarck was, or who Darwin was.. or who the Ramapithecus were. I even didn't know what a cell or bacteria was. But my buwa and baba/kaka never made me/us believe that we were the creation of God. The very first thing I knew about God is, its the universal superpower that we can also call positive energy and the one whom we refer to with different names according to our faiths, although I am a self procclaimed non-believer, I abide to this fact. So, although I thoroughly read the story of some turtle carrying the earth according to hindu myth, I didnt have to believe it.

Now, came school.. I used to be famous in school, because I knew most of the answers about Hindu-Myths. Gradually, the Cells and bacteria were no Aliens. Then I came to read about lamarck and Darwin and the survival of the fittest, struggle for existance and blah blah blah we had to vocalize in our school days. I swear the god, I never knew a shit then. It was only High school, I had an clear idea(or its still blurry) of how we might have been created. It was the exact time I understood what big bang was. So, the bigbang created earth and universe. The hot earth on the process of cooling down,, had atmosphere with some simple gasses. The simple molecules gave rise of first, abiogenesis, a prominence of which came through that incredible experiment of geiger-muller. The simple cell was formed more than three billion years ago... then the gradual evoulution brought human. It seemed easy, but its incredibly complex, both to explain/understand and the extend to which it challenges the existence of god. I am not getting into if god exists or not..

Ok, about Darwin,,, you need to give credit to this guy for what he did at the time. May be he was theoritical, may be his theory is against the law of thermodynamics, may be he fails to explain why we are not evolving and million other questions.. but this person made us clear how all that happened.. and that to many decades ago before anyone knew who guides us all, the DNA.. or many years ago anyone knew 90% of the DNA is useless. What evolution exactly is? Its the gradual development from simple for to complex form to adapt to the environment and survive hola? 

One thing that is as mysterious as anything else is how the hell did bacteria became protozoa or the protozoa became multicelluar, how the reptiles became birds or more prominently how the Monkey became man? Was it all because of the chance or it was a miracle that caused the change. Mutation perhaps! As I am studying genetics... the physicians might say the antimatter caused it.. or in common man's language everything is caused by supernatural powers. But as the time line of evolution is so huge, we can give a reasonable chance for extremely rare mutations to occur which may had driven the evolution. 

ok.. to pack up guys... despite the flaws Darwinism has,, I feel no shame to say Ramapithecus was my IDK how many great great great Grandfather. 

(this really is a piece of shit guys.. hopefully I wont get too many negative comments after publishing this...) 

P.S I respect all the religious beliefs, and if you think I am offending any of such beliefs correct me.. your corrections will be duly noted/addressed.. :)

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