Saturday, October 1, 2011

School ka sathi ani School ra Ganga Sir

Hijo, ma ani my friend went to meet another school friend of us. Since we had met after almost an year, it was a day to remember. Ani as we know everything about one other, it was a day full of jiggling,making fun, made fun of, teasing, teased of,deja vu, and little bit of contemplation. Aba since we have grown up now, we are no more the kids who used to be always together in school, or share tiffins and some time hit other with your tiffins. Tara, with yahoo, facebook and skype, we are still close to each other. Ani, since I am in another country, calling the other two is not a feasible option, I am always the one using social networks. Whenever I feel like bored or have to tell some thing, both or atleast one is always just a miscall away.

We three aren't the only one we were close in school. Tara in the course of time, we are the only one who have managed to bind the knot together. Ekjana lives in Kathmandu, ekjana in Jhapa; where we are from, and ma chai Bangladesh.. tara despite being physically very far away, the feeiling of togetherness is always there. To be exact, we are like the tom and jerry; cant be together, cant be away type; me in particular is the one who always mocks the other. I dont know kati din samma we will be able to maintain this knot, tara I will never regret in getting older; for I have sathiharu like them.

Since, I started having proper friends, these two are always there. To confess, I was and am little introvert since I was a toddler. I didn't have many friends, tara in school everyone were friend. Aja, seven years after school, and having been away for almost as many years, these two have been with me, few more around, many people don't even recognize me. Times changes and so does we, so may be I shouldnt be complaining much. Also, with time; the kids of 9-10 are lot more brats than we used to be on our ages. I still recall Ganga sir used to cut hairs in the assembly no matter we have completed our send ups or still in Nursery.

Tara when I went to school yesterday; I saw many of such kids with spike as that of Dumsi, and a few girls with skirts just long enough to cover the bums. I asked my teachers, why dont they punish them like they used to bestow upon us. And sir haru said; “Ajkaal ka keta keti haru kaha ternu, kati le ta ultai dhamki dinchan.” Tara, I was happy to hear that not all the kids were brats. When I passed out, I was the lone pass-out with distinction. Last year, barring two “rotten brats-in sir haru ko bhasama” all passed with over 70 percent and ten students passed with distinction.

Aja, my school had a function, I was unable to attend the program as I had other things planned already and a part being Bhasan-phoblic, which I am sure they would have asked me to give one. My Bhai, the reporter of my old school now; told me that ekjana dai who graduated from school, was sponsoring sixteen “garib ani padnama tej” students. As I learned, that Dai was our own Anil Oli dai, who went to Germany while I was in class 9, and an alumni of my school. Although its unrelated, Anil dai was the one who gave me my first bike ride while I was 5 year old, on the days when the bikes were as rare as cars today, and I cried all the way to home. One of such student chosen was Ganga Sir's chori rey.

Ganga sir has been working in my school before I learned ABCD. He is in-fact one of the first teachers of my school. He and Hari sir were the teachers I was most afraid of, and certainly hated most. Tara after all these years when I look back, they were the one who molded me to become me. I even used to say,”Ma thulo vayera Ganga sir lai sui hanera mardinchu.” rey.. my little cousins were teasing me about it, this afternoon. Day in Day out, ganga sir never missed a day in school in whole twelve years I studied there. He taught us Maths until class 7, and I dont remember a single class he missed. He used to say me,”yestai taal ho vane math ma aalu khanches” in lower classes, which made me learn hard. After the results of class 7, he said,”Euta katne thaun pani dinas keta”.. and I carried it on. Maths became my favourite subject, and he is the one I should give credit of. Aja, Maths is overshadowed by the thrills of Biology for me, I owe a lot to him.

Ganga sir isnt the most educated teacher. He infact has just passed Icom. Its the experiences that makes him what he is today. Ani, its the education that has forbidden him from joining government schools, which would have easily given him more money. Both his son and daughter, now studies in my school and are regularly doing good results arey.. that must have made him a proud father as well. And kudos to Anil dai for remembering the school, and the teachers, by sponsoring the 17 kids for free schooling.

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