Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dakteer Sahib, the Failed hope!


When Comerade Baburam, Daktar saheeb was sworn in as Prime Minister of, already eaten over and over by him comerades and no lesser amount by upadrya boro and his aides, our country; I felt the dark days was finally over. I knew him from very long time (of course he doesn’t know me). Although I was born just about the time the country was witnessing 90’s peoples’ movement, I was no part of it. Later when the Mao-buddies started their movement(war for the seats was it?), my Baba taught me about Baburam and his, now wealth-loving wife, Hisila Yami. I was facinated that he always was first in his classes. We had all the collections of Jhilko, the Bi-monthly our Dakter saheb published during the movement, and I felt he was going to change the country for good.

(My dad became communist(he is not a kamau-nisth by any means) because the sukhani thing happened when he was a kid, and he had, perhaps, the hopes that this jana-andolan will turn out to be one. But, it was never meant to be.)

Fast forward, I don’t remember which year, his interview with Bijay Kumar, and the hopes, despite all the wreckages created, were not dead yet. More forward, the final Andolan, he and his boss(isnt he?) prachandoo pledged they will not be seated on as the seats of  head of country(was shocked?), that was broken in less than a year. So, Prachandoo was PrimeMinister of our country and Baburam, the Finance Minister, gave a Very popular ‘in words only’ budget(he succeded with the tax plan and many others though), that made us feel like he is something. And also there was the talks about Mitabyayita and him savings his Bhatta-sata!

So, Finally.. after numerous changes in the party and in Nepal, He got the opportunity to ride Mustaang Max. That was a popular move( or was he just increasing the sales of Hulas,as some kindda advertisement, only them two know), as was not taking the Jumbo-team to UN-summit(although on the same day of the earthquake, but remember he had no own-blood computer operator). so, came Dashain Tihar and so did, Prabhu Shah, Sarat singh Bhandari, and the Hello sarkar project. I guess, he didn’t have the power to oust the ministers chosen by respective parties, I was shocked by the way he tried to save them(one with criminal charges, and other who said terai will form different another sovereignty?) in Hello Sarkar show and other interviews(also was the defence for his darlin wife)… I completely lost him.and even more, when he signed the general amnesty for all the criminals.

Right after dashain, Dakteer saheb started giving Bhasans in Maithili and nepal Bhasa, but it seems he forgot nepali. First the increase in the salary/bhatta of PLO members, and then the cabinet no larger than 49 mantris, with I was bored to count how many criminals. May be someone should just ask him, the meaning of Mitabyaita in Suddha Nepali. hopefully he wont answer its just the matter of 8.9 million rupees per month, why such a fuss?

No, I didn’t expect him to give us the Sambidhaan(I doubt now that all of them has forgotten that it was the prime duty), as the three moth he came with, was like we were paying for our sabhasaad so that they will be able to celebrate Dashain, Tihar and chaat peacefully. And never had any doubts that he joined hands with, probably the last thing I will go with, the madhesis. I do think that he is still the better man to the job than Ramchandra poudyal. But I guess its safe to say now that he is the failed hope of we, hopeless, Janatas!

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