Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Its You!

I Haven't seen you,
In fact don’t know you in real,
Its just the virtual world we have been,
But for me its enough,
Even in the virtuality I find solace.

Each days has a 'good' in it,
Whenever we talk;
You never fail to raise my mood.
What are We?
Don’t know your perception about me,
I wonder what would you say, if I asked?
I hope its not that bad! :D
For me, I like you,
Love might be wrong word,
Its what the lovers do,
We aint are!
For me, its more than that,
As pure as a friend will do,
One who expects nothing in return,
Yet, cant see you
Having troubled times.
That’s how I will define it,
"No expectations,
No commitments,
Just a selfless feeling,
One that’s really good,
And pure,
And that will never change,
No matter what'

You may say I am crazy,
May be I am,
People might say, I am Nuts,
I will hardly care about what they say;
We might not be what we are for long,
May be you will change,
May be I will change.
How long is forever? Will we see together?
May be I don’t wanna know.

Thank you for all the good times,
We have had,
I may be boring, but you never said that. :D
Its to you my friend,
And you know it, I guess that,
You are the best thing I have had,
In this web of randomness!
All I hope is its not gonna change.