Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Its you who makes my life awesome.. Anamika!

We were travelling in a bus,
And then I woke up In a Hospital Bed.
Head and legs, swathed in Bandages,
I did my damnedest to  speak up,
And ask my folks around me,
Where is You?
Seeing me, the Folks said, 'Don't strain your neck,
Its not healed yet!'
I was a film without a tape,
Completely blank- shattered!
Knew something very wrong,
Yet folks didn’t say a thing.
I had lost my voice,  but that was nothing,
All I was worried about was,
'Where is you?'

Everything was lugubrious,
Every one was tearful,
I was guessing what happened,
And started to cry within.
I was at the best moment of my life,
And now, I was dumb, with broken leg,
And my heart already pushed the daisies.
I wished it was me, and fought against life.
Imagine, how I felt watching the corpse of beloved,
Will you have reasons to live?

Yet, I had one reason to live, You!
I asked, "will you fall in love with this dumb me again?
And you answered; " Even if you were dumb, limbless,
                 I will love you always."
I said, "Why should I live instead of you?"
"What will I do without you?"
"What am I without you?"
You smiled at me, and said,
"You shall live for me, for you, and for us,
You will live to fulfill the dreams we shared,
You will be you, without me,
And my soul will always be with you"
And so you vanished,
Yet years later,
When I falter, when I deviate from our dreams,
And when I complain about life,
Its you who makes me realize the  misjudge,
You may be dissatisfied, idiotic,
Yet, complaining wasn’t (y)our thing,
No matter the distress, you always smiled,
And taught me to love the fragments of life,
Bitter, Boring and yet somehow awesome life, that I have.
Its Awesome because, it has your soul in it,
My life has been the treasure you left behind,
I so wish, it was the opposite, everyday of  life,
For no matter how many years, you will always be with me,
Yesterday, today and forever… Anamika!