Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Buoy contemplates :D

Just like this, I am going to tear one page off my calendar, called LIFE. Its not that I am going to grow old overnight, or sky is gonna fall overnight, its just any ordinary day which happens to be my birthday. So, I just thought why not contemplate a year that passed by. P.s. I am not high :D

First of all, I really wished that by now I reached home to celebrate my birthday, which aint a case, and I am stuck here, about to go for another tour.. HA! About travelling, Went to St. Martin and Cox Bazar few days ago, and being in  the Blue endless Indian ocean, really felt like heaven. Not that I believe in heaven or hell. Well the theists says to us, "one day you will die, they will suit you up, take you to the cemetery and then you wont have any place to go", neither do I care. Probably, I will face the same fate as Bill Gates after I die(another non believer), only that he has saved 10 million more lives than I have so far. I don’t want to start a debate now, so lets just stop this thing here.

The year, It has been pretty good actually. I tried to stay out of trouble and been pretty successful. Acedemically, it has been great, only that I wish I did procrastinate less. Been to places, did presentations, works got praised, and I am looking forward to publishing some papers soon. And I read a few (considering the voracious reader I was last years) selected/recommended books this year, while I have become a seldom writer now, from the occasional I used to be.

Life gave lemons as well, but well, Life was always great, whatever the condition was. And now I understand, I might as well be in agreement with whats happening or else keep on asking "why cant I change it again?" When something cannot be changed – at least not yet – we get the sensation of pushing against a many-ton boulder: despite our grueling efforts, frustration and determination, nothing budges. And that’s what brings the frustration. At least that’s what I understand now. If I cant move the boulder, there are other ways that are open for us. We can use the strength and skill we have to its true merit, we can stop wanting for something better(what other have) and become example to ourself, with what we still have/are.

But the best part of the year has been the friends I met and rediscovered as well as I always had. Year wouldn’t have been this wonderful, if it wasn’t for you, yes YOU, YOU-Know-Who, thanks for everything, even the little fights we have had and as it is, we will always have, even though you don’t remember its my birthday :p.  Its not just one friend, but I owe you a lot, yes everyone.

I I just love the ways which bring joys to every good news I say to my sister, or my parents. And, this year for it had more good news than bad, I remember a lot of those cherish able moments. Thank you for being there with me, on those moments, good, bad or Great.

P.s. If you are a visitor of, what I call "scraps of whatever comes in my mind", my blog, you probably remember (not that I hope of ) I started this two years ago, on my Birthday. I am pretty much the same, I just started wearing Watch now. 

I have deactivated the facebook account by the way, for I loathe the wall posts and fake birthday wishes. But if anyone is thinking of giving me gifts, Books, Books…they make a great Birthday Gifts, don’t they? :)

Thank you, yes You, for you read the post this far.. Have a great time.