Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hajurdidi :(

Few days ago, after completing my stay home, I was bidding my byes. When I was about to leave, I went to her room and said; "Didi, I am about to leave". She replied with wet eyes and fragile sound; "you are about to leave? Have a safe journey and tell me when you reach your destination.". She handed me two hundred dollars note, which I have saved carefully till date. She added, "you will be coming home in May, may be you will hear a news about me instead of seeing me"…. All I could say was, "Don’t say like this Didi, I will come and see you in May, stay strong". And I came here with those memories. 

With every passing days, I hear the news from home(although they try to hide from me, I don’t know why) and makes me think, perhaps that’s the last time I am seeing hajurdidi. Yea, Hajurdidi, the eldest member of our family. She is 90 years of age, and been the backbone of all three generation of us.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone not me nor anyone, but when you realise your loved ones are in the deathbed, all you can do is curse on it and stick to the hope that, may be it will wait this time for godshake. Oh I wish, how I wish, it actually did.

Actually I was supposed to do a load of works and study a bit for my project and also for the finals, but all I am able to do at the moment is remember the days that passed.

I wish I didn’t have to post this post. I wish hajurdidi will be alright, and I will be seeing her in May.

Oh I wish!