Friday, November 2, 2012

My Best Friend

It was start of my seventh grade. I went to school two or three days late. There she was, a new admit student, staying isolated from other boys and girls in the classroom. I heard then that she was made fun of from other classmates on her first day. I learned her name, and started talking sparingly. We became friends later on, okay-ish. Later on I discovered she was my relative, Aunt in-fact if I start uprooting our relation. It’s how my journey with my best friend began.

While I had casual attitude towards study, she was serious about it, in fact very serious, and rightly so, she became first in the first terminals. I was always among top three of my class, but never a first grader, so that wasnt surprising for me. What was surprising was I came first in the next terminal. I discovered later that she wept whole night after the results rey, as her mom told me. She used to say, “Tyo khatiwada ko choro navaye ni hune ni (If only that son of khatiwada wasnt there)” till late. After class 8, I started coming first in class and our relation was love-hate, just like any other competitors in class. As I learned later, she found optional Maths hard to understand but was afraid/ashamed to ask for help rey in class 9 and 10. Just like that we completed our schoolings.

Later, we both went to Biratnagar for High school, I joined science and she joined commerce, in different colleges. We wouldn't be as close as we are now if she didn't stay as tenant in a room in front of my high school classmate's house. We were both lonely in a city we barely knew and had very few people to hang together with. Its when we became good friends, and used to meet every weekends or so. I never invited her to my home there I guess, while when I went to her place I was almost always greeted by Black tea and Makai-Bhatamas...

The funny thing about our friendship is we always fight, her sister once called us Tom and Jerry, for the same reason. It has been years, from Biratnagar we both went to Kathmandu and then I came to Bangladesh while she stayed in Kathmandu, but one thing that never changed is the two friends we are. Till today whatever happens in our life, day to day, its the other one who get to know before everybody else. And we still fight, often like kids…. and then reconcile again like adults later.. I guess this will go on always. Funny that it happened even yesterday…. :D

We meet rarely these days, but we talk often, almost daily. While we talk we generally fight hai? But then at the end of it, we realise.. oh! that was funny and smile again. For years talking to her has lit up my days and the same I think on otherside. We have seen downs as well. For months we didnt talk. I for once didnt celebrate my birthday because she didnt wish. But even though you find so many friends too look upon, many may become close to you, but it’s only the best friends who are always ready to go even to hell with you.

If there is things I want to change now its that I wish we were good friends back in the school too. I wish that she didnt feel awkward asking help or talking to me then and I had helped her with the maths in school. I havent told her that I once saw that, she wrote on someone else's slambook that her worst moment in life is when she lost her position to me, I felt bad for that and tried deliberately to do bad in my exams in class 8 to make her happy. Kids we were... small things mattered.

We are so close that some even took us as lovers, and that sounded very awkward. Years ago my Mom used to give me advice indirectly, “Dhakal ta mamali parchan hai”.. and many of my friends asks, are you dating her? Heck..No. Well, I guess our friendship has defied the common conception that a boy and girl can’t be friends only for long. Years on, we may not be the same we are today (I hope not), but the friendship we have now is quite clearly one of the best things that has happened to me so far in my life.

It was her who asked me to write this up, so here it is for you, wishing you nothing but best always... your best friend forever. :)