Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Life of Pi… A cinematic Brilliance of Shipwreck and Spirituality.

So, I finally watched "Life of Pi" the other day. First thing first, I never really wanted to watch the movie, for generally the movie kills the true marvel and excitement a book originally provides.

I first read Life of Pie(2001), Yan Martel, in 2005, right after I completed my secondary school, and it was life changing. Not in the context of reading the book, I had to reconsider my point of view of 'God doesn’t exist'...well the old man is still dead for me, but because the book is an inspiration for faith, self belief, learning the adaptation, loving everyone near you, and also keeping the expectation low. Ah.. Keeping the expectation low? Yea, Never believe that the close ones that you believe will be there forever. Remember, Richard Parker abandons Pi in the beach of Mexico? While I loved the book, never did I think that a movie can be made out of it.

Come on, if Ron Howard and Tom Hanks can make a mess of brilliant (movie like) stories of Dan Brawn, we are bound to think like the way I thought. In fact, among all the book movies I have watched, only two didn’t disappoint me, "Into the Wild" and "Lord of the Rings"; need I say anything about the sheer genius of both films? No. So, I didn’t think Aang Lee and Suraj Sharma and electro-natural Richard Parker could change my obession of books over movies.

What I saw was true magic. Suraj, in his first movie, as a young Pi, did a a job, that is too much to describe in words. Whoever made Richard Parker, deserves a kudos. And Aang Lee never let the essence of the story die, albeit making some changes to let the movie flow according to narrative. Its one of those movies, that  after watching them, you will come out as a changed man, and if you have a thing for spirituality, you definitely will. The struggle for survival, the quest for life, and a belief on the god (of three religions at once in fact) from the young pie, while floating somewhere in the pacific, with a Hungry and thirsty Royal Bengol Tiger, makes you love the movie, and your life and realize how lucky you are to be like what you are today. For 227 days, Pi confronts Thirst and starvation, and fear, and tames (well not exactly) Richard parker. And so does the movie, for all two hours+ of it, you will be spellbound to the visual brilliance and story telling of the movie.

Spoilers.. Do not read if you havent watched the movie.
You might not like the movie in the end though. You cant help but wonder why did Pi (Now played by Irfan Khan) had to tell the two versions of the story, and let the third person chose which one was true? Why did Richard Parker had to desert Pie (I explained why, in the beginning right?) and many more. The movie diverts significantly from the original story of the book too.

The whole narrative of the Pi's childhood is missing. The mother (Juhi) is shown significantly more religious in the movie. In the movie, Pi is old enough to have a love interest. He never quite manage to tame Richard parker in the movie. And, in the movie Pi and Richard Parker only stay a day in carnivorous island (Oh, I forgot to mention, carnivorous island was a part I never liked in the book. The book develops making you feel like the story is real, and this episode ruins it completely).

Well, you just have to go in the theater and watch the movie (Yes, Theater and Theater only, small screen definitely ruins the experience), and I believe you will come out praising the brilliance of the movie.

Note: I am not a Movie critique by any means.