Friday, January 18, 2013

Haikus.. Random Scriblings!

Day of Life,
Celestial and Lovely,
Freshly painted?

Deep, Dark, cold,
Night that turned into flare,
Gnarled in the Mist.

Dawn has come, and;
Miles have passed, But;
Night is Dark -still!

Pitch Black Night,
Fog is everything you see,
Soulless winter.

Few endings,
Many Beginnings,
Doomsday they said.

Earthquake- they whispered,
With all the shakings form cold,
Who has time to feel it?

Cold cold everywhere,
Silence crepts the soul,
Bitter new day!

She savored her love for summer,
winter comes too soon,
and our love die, cold.

I cared too much,
and you didn’t care enough,
Falling in the Abyss, i recall.

New Beginnings,
instead of cherry blossoms,
snow cold-mist is all that smells.

(they just look like haikus, no rules followed)

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