Friday, March 8, 2013

For the Women I know.

A girl in Delhi got raped by six monsters known as male, a girl returning from Gulf got looted and raped by public servants. These are the two main causes of the protests happening in India and Nepal, against rape, and basically protesting Violence against women (#VAW). These two weren't the isolated cases, but certainly they triggered all the protests.

Truth is, we never treated women and Men equal. Did we? Look at our holy books, are men and women treated equal? Why did Sita had to give the fire test, or why did Radha had to be the silent lover? Why don’t we say anything bad about all the puns Krishna did? Why isnt there a feminine figure, featured prominently? How easily did Draupadi had to marry 5 pandavas at once? And then, there is Manu-smriti, possibly the worst of them all. Its not just Hinduism, its probably everywhere. If you believe in non-vatican literature, Mary Macdolene was supposed to be the first Father/Mother of Church and not St. Peter, and then there the witch hunt and all. In Buddhism too it’s the same case, so is other religions and culture.

We grew up in the society where female are generally considered, even if by little, inferior race to males. How many times male gets marrige proposals when they reach 20-23 years of age, or they get done with their bachelors. Pretty rare, aint it? And look at your female friends, class mates, relatives, sisters who are about your age or few years younger, How many marriage proposals do they have to face in the same time? Not so rare aint it.

I saw a tweet by @tasleemanasreen, the other day, "After few hours men's day will start and continue until 8th of march 2014", true that, aint it? We live in the men's world. Looking back even though my family never made discrimination between me and my sister, I used to get things let it be dolls or Geometry box etc. easily than my sister used to. Its just an example, I wonder what is the condition in those countryside places where Women are either Husband's follower or born to go to another man's house. Is it ever possible to treat Men and women equally? Or, let me rephrase this, why is it so hard to treat men and women equally?

There was this guy I know, who I knew for four years. He has been brainwashed to a limit that, he wanted to be hated by female classmates, because he didn’t like any of them. He didn’t like to be close to them. He didn’t like to befriend them, because he had problem with the race itself. We live in a world so advanced, so modern, yet, such people do exist.

There are men who rapes a seven year old girl. There are men who gangrape a homeless teenager, searching for job in city. There are men who puts lock in the genitals of women. Why? Because, because they have matured in a society which makes them think they are superior race.

A women is a mother, a sister, a teacher, a friend, a lover, a goddess even, in one form or another and often more than a form. Don’t you love your mother, or your sister? How can Men treat them/women as any different? This Blogpost aint gonna change anything that is omnipresent in the society. But yet, I would love to wish a happy Women's' day to all women I know. May they be stronger and may the Men be wiser in terms of how to treat and respect women, as in whole race.

Happy Women’s day to all

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