Friday, April 5, 2013

Randomness and Boredom combined.

As usual I woke up late today. Its been a daily routine of myself since as long as I remember. I like to sleep but I cant sleep early. I was late, so rushed my Loo- routine and ran for Lab. On the gate of Hostel, there is this guy who greeted me “Valo ashen Mama?”, a rough translation of “How are you brother?” in Bengali, just as he always does whenever he sees me. He says it every time he sees me, and sometimes in every two minutes, if I come near to him. I don't know what makes him so complaisant, but seriously, who wants that kind of Humility? Why does one has to be so humble, so blithe.

I dont know whats his name. He works in the Hostel Administration. I don't even know what is he supposed to do there. I remember, I helped him with some phone related stuffs back in first year, when we were applying for the seats in hostel. Thats it, and I don't know if he is repaying me with this humility. But to anybody who sees him, he looks like an encumber. He stays alone, he doesn't talk much, and whenever he does he speaks in complaisant tone.

I have seen many weired ones here in Bangladesh and he is one of them, not only one though. Few years ago I wrote a post about a women who begs in our university and her story. She is still here, still begging, and asks to every passing students, “mama, duita taka den” (Brother, give me two taka). Our University actually, is full of such hers. Sometimes, some people with weired faces comes in the department and beseech to us. Some of whom are too damn irritating, some are weired, some are complaisant, and some indeed are in need. But seriously, is that a good way to ask for money? No, often is the case that we get irritated, and they return empty handed or with just few bucks. Its probably the cons of having too many people and blasé government that, we get to see too many of these people, in south Asian subcontinent, be it India, Nepal or Bangladesh, you are followed by them always.

Talking about weired people, there is in our neighbourhood, back in Nepal. We call her Budathokini aamai. Every morning she wakes up, circles the whole neighbourhood, listens and observes whats happening around the village, talks about it to almost a dozen persons. Comes back, makes food (if she is early and or in mood) or eat whatever is leftover, or her husband/son has prepared. Then again, same routine continues. Oh, by the way, she checks if the son, Kumbhe kaka, is at home or not, if he is not, she starts searching for him. Funnily for someone who is so conscious about society, she does never have good relation with any of the family(ies) for more than 6 months. On a different note, she used to come check Hajurdidi, talk with her, be with her, everyday when Hajurdidi was alive, and we are all grateful to her about it.

Some are strangers, some are weired, some are complaisant, some are wanderers, some are boring, some are humour less and dry, yet somehow, they all teach us life's lessons, knowingly or unknowingly. We are all different, and being that brings different natures to us all. Since I am not close to these persons I called weired, I am not exactly fond of their nature, but if I was, I would obviously not call them weired or anything.

No one is weired, or no one is boring. No one is ever too sweet to be a man, no one is ever too complaisant that we start asking his self dignity. Its just we dont know them that well. Its just our judgement that we unknowingly lay on others.

And to end this one crap of an Blog post, let me write a good sentence in the end, “No one is weired, we are just different.”~Unknown.  

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