Sunday, May 5, 2013

Congratulations to Nepali Cricket and Thank You Brian Lara for the support.

Thanks to Youtube, I have been able to see many great cricket innings. Viv Richards for one, I have seen each and every centuries of him. The Desert storms of Sachin and many others. Yet, the truly great innings I watched live on TV was, Brian Charles Lara, scoring that unforgettable 153 runs, chasing against Australia when West Indies managed to sneak the win by one wicket. That Inning had everything, even Sir Donald Bradman would have envied to play such innings. As I grew up into an ardent cricket follower, I had safely pasted a picture of Brian Lara's celebration together with the picture of Malcom Marshall's Broken Hand 7 wicket celebration.

Imagine, what was my response when I saw this Picture, shared by I don’t know who,  in my facebook Newsfeed, the moment I had time to check it, after spending whole day at lab.

And this?

Speechless.. Yes.. Lara just made a proud Lara fan even more prouder. And thankfully, the wishes did worked, and we won the final against Uganda in style.

It is not a small matter that we, Nepal, are in Division two of ICC's world rankings, and will be playing world cup qualifiers next year. Today literally and practically is the biggest day so far in the History of Nepali senior cricket. Yet, there are many more such steps to come, qualifying for the world cup 2015, or at least playing with pride in the qualifiers next year is the first. Travelling Across the world to Bermuda, there were many things, that could have gone wrong, and many went wrong too. Nepali cricket team boarded late for Bermuda because of Jet visa problems. Lost the first two matches because of poor show (or perhaps the jet lag). Then things turned around, three commanding performances followed, and a win in favour of us by Bermuda against United States, before today's win against Uganda, showed the mantle of the team is still strong.  

Congratulations to the Nepali cricket team for the great show, and Thank you Mr. Brian Charles Lara for the support throughout the tournament. We are proud. We are at Zeal. As much as we are happy for the win, Brian, I will never forget this day or your tweets.

P. S. I got to be in my lab at 9am and its almost 3 am already here. 

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