Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rain Diaries.

The rain,
The clouds,
Adding the melancholy,
Strikes on again,
The rickshaw-driver,
Drenched in sweat,
Abandoning the passengers,
And his vehicle.
Seeks shelter from the rain.
The foreman,
Constructing this building,
Search for shade,
For his machineries,
Seeks shelter from the rain.
The beggar women,
Who was just recently asking,
"Sir, give me few pennies"
Now hides inside a vacant tong.
No longer needs few pennies,
No longer worried about-
Today's meal for herself and children,
She seeks shelter from the rain.
I see few students,
Me and them alike,
Running for the shade,
Protecting their books, notes and laptops,
Seeking shelter from the rain.
And yeah,
There were few,
Who see the romance in the rain,
Drenching in rain with their beloved,
Unconcerned  of the surrounding,
Indifferent of the rain,
Heedless of the filth,
Avail themselves of Love,
Seek no shelter from rain.

 Enjoy Autumn.

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