Friday, July 12, 2013

The Old Beggar.


Chaos in the sky,
Season of rain and dampness,
Silent clouds of the past, rules the heart.
I met same old lady again,
Threw her hands and asked- two pennies,
Searched my pockets and left- silently.
I was there, I watched,
She lost everything to the fire,
I slept peacefully that day.
Shamelessly I watched,
Hurt legs and denuded back,
She rain asking, things to wear and eat.
Some clothes and few bucks,
Few words of sympathy,
It was easy, buying that shame back.
Four monsoon ever since,
Mud and rain creeps the world,
I run dry, every time I see her.
Chaos in the sky,
Untreated wounds and torn clothes,
She brings silent clouds to the soul.
The old beggar.

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