Sunday, September 8, 2013

Teej, India and Nepali Patriots

So, Teej is here now. Ah! Finally. After months of Darr celebrations, partying and dancing in the name of it, the day is finally here.

I am saying finally because yesterday I couldn’t sleep. The thing is, I live near a Ladies hostel, and it is generally a good place to live in. But, yesterday, the whole neighborhood was awake because, the girls were up for partying, ani doing teej dance rey. They ruined my plans to study, my plans to sleep early, my plans to watch movies, and raped my eardrums with all the HINDI songs they danced to.

Teej, myths says, it’s the day, our Lord shiva fulfilled Parbati ko "shiva bar paau" vanera gareko Puja-aaja. Well, sano chada I used to listen to puret baje telling the stories to all the chori-chelis, aama-didis in the neighbourhood. The myths are of the satya yoog. Fast forward to the present yoog, Women fast in the Teej, conduct pujas in the shiva-mandir. They fast for wellbeing of their husbands, or if they aren't married already, they fast asking Lord shiva dai to give them husbands like him (which I suppose isn’t a tough task for Shiva dai, because there is no shortage of people like him today, Ganjedis, jobless, depressed, uncivilized and all.). And fasting for whole day, without a drop of water, add to that all the dances they do in the day, I could write a whole book about how (un)hygienic is teej.

The point of me writing this blogpost wasn’t to rant about teej. This week, I noticed two things.
  1. On the game day against India (Which we won, yay!), I read a tweet from @goal_India which read "the Nepali Fans have already started shouting "Dhoti.. Dhoti".
  2. My eardrums are lucky enough to witness all the teej celebrations going around here, and the most famous songs I figured out are (apart from Komal Oli's number), Lungi dance, songs of Ashiqiue 2, and other Hindi songs.

We are patriots. We are lucky to have Buddha's birthplace and Everest in our country, and lucky to have forefathers, who fought bravely in the past, tyo pani with Khuda and Khukuris. We are the coward predecessors of our brave forefathers. And, shameful yet true, We have done nothing  patriotic for our country, except for blaming India for everything that goes in our country. We can't wait to see a New Hindi movie every Friday. None of our parties or religious festivities complete without dancing to Hindi song. We watch hindi channels more than Nepali ones. Let me not start about how dependent we are to India in the thing we actually/basically needs.

Yet, when Indian team plays in our soil we chant "dhotis… dhotis", or tweet and post status like "Don’t give corner to them, they will start selling chatpate" or "Dhoti lai marde, rangashala ma hamro jhanda gadde" or "As a consolation for dhotis, I will buy two plates of panipuris from them" etc. I wonder how much favor we are doing to our country by being such a terrible host/fans.

And sincerely to all of those who are celebrating teeej, please can't you dance to our Nepali songs, if you care about this country and culture so much?

(no offence to anyone intended.)

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