Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mo:Mo Memoir

The Phone rang suddenly at 4 in afternoon. With the sleepy voice, I responded, "Hello!". The voice on the other end said. "Let's meet in Pulchowck, will you?". "Pulchowck where? When?" and she said "The place where we ate Mo:Mo last time, in 30 minutes?", "Okey". And so I woke up, after my afternoon's unplanned nap that lasted for more than 4 hours, accidentally. And so with messed up hair, and messed up beard, I rushed to pulchowck. And yea, I still managed to look good rey, but that’s other thing.

I know the photo doesn't look great, but often decorated Mo:Mos doesn't taste as good as they look.

Today, I am only looking inside the Mo:Mo. We go to the restaurants, gaze at the menu for several minutes and when we ultimately order, irrespective of how hungry we are or what is the best food in the restaurant, or what time of the day it is, it's like a rule to order Mo:Mo. Since the college and a year more, the memories of the pieces of Mo:Mo that I stole from my friend's plates or friends stole from my plate kept haunting. For four years, I kept on eating Jhaal fry's and Aakhni/Khichuri, knowing that someday, I will say goodbye to this terrible food for good. Now that I don’t have to eat all those foods, I have become a Mo:Mo monster once again.

I went on to Wikipedia to see how is Mo:Mo defined there, and it is written "Nepali Dumplings". Somebody should add, "which is treated something like the national food in Nepal". I didn’t use to like Mo:Mo much in the early years. In our place, the only Mo:Mo we used to get was, Vegetable Mo:MO. And for an insatiable meat guzzler like me, Cabbage never tingled the palate. I became the Mo:Mo monster only when I was in high school. I had a friend, and my next door neighbor, Rishav. We used to gather our cycles after college, cycle around the streets, eat 1 and half plate (डेढ प्लेट) Mo:Mo Mo:MO king, or sometimes Himalaya Hall, almost every other day. And often return home, late and in pell-mell, and get scolded. I happened to stay alone in Kathmandu right after high school, for one month or so, and often, let me rephrase it, always, my day's or Night's or both time's meal used to be Mo:Mo, yet I never got bored of it.

Ordering a plate of Mo:Mo, a plate of Chowmein and sharing it with someone else is something that I am discovering these days. Oh! And add to it, Sausages. 

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