Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dying the slow death: Beauraucratic Negligence.

I was scrolling through the pages of Newspaper, early morning. I was struck by a news, that was printed on the 4th page, in a small space allocated for it, which I bet most of us dont even come across. “Adhikari couple are semi-unconcious”. Well the health of two people, who are fasting for some unfullfillable demands, isnt something you would give much thought about when country is going through transition right? Election happened, there is a government to be made, there are seats to be finalized, there is still debate about should the president be allowed to continue or should he be replaced. Besides, the problem of what should be done about UNCP-M, and other 16 looser parties, is not a small matter. Unexpected rise of RPP-N, Nepal qualifying for the world cup and many others happened in the meantime too.

While all this were happening, Two people, fighting for their lost cause are slowly dying. I haven't heard any News from any Fms, talking about them (I got to say, I haven't checked TV for quite a while, so dont know much about it). One thing that is more offending than the government's negligence is how little coverage these two people are getting. While the Head of the Government's religious visits to Pathibhara and Halesi gets a front page space, I don't know for what reason, these two Adhikaris aren't getting any help from the media or assurance from the government.

Again this is a country where Plane crash or displacement from the runway gets a first page coverage, whereas a bus accident which killed 7 people gets a small space in the 16th page, inbetween those numerous ads for frustrated individuals running away from country, to Gulf and Malaysia, for some paltry money.

Its been almost a decade now, since the Moist rebellion has ended. Its been almost a decade that peache has been pronounced in the country, almost as many years now that the country is in transition. Its been six years republic has been established in the country, its been six years two elections and numerous government ever-since. While you continue to discuss about who did what in the election? What force did the profiteering? Or what shall the shape of new government be? Two people, two people demanding for punishment for Killers of their offspring, are slowly dying for a lost cause, neglected by bureaucracy and everyone else.

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