Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On Foods, Different foods.

I am stuffed,
I am used to my own ambrosia,
This is too insipid for my palate,
Come, I will show you some,
My food has the sugarcoating,
Looks Rich  too,
Isn't the one over there savvy?
Look the one down there, its decorated?
Oh! And this one is my favorite.. Its coquettish.
And look at you,
You are still having that Bland Pie,
Those chilly filled snacks,
And Pickles, Gross and bitter,
This one over there, you used to eat always?
I never had the idea, what it is,
I loathed watching you eat that,
And, what's with all the fluids?
Why is everything so juicy?
Wonder, how liked the taste of them then?
I wouldn't have eaten these stuff anyway,
But, today, I am stuffed,
Good luck with your food,
Find someone with similar taste to eat them.

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