Tuesday, August 28, 2018

mind if i rant about those eyes.

~all these hues are colors of you,
wanting to fade into colors of me~
ruin has beautiful black eyes,
so does she,
as bukowski said, 
‘those eyes fucked him forever’
as he keeps saying,
‘we need to talk about those goddamn eyes’ 
as he often tell her in silence, 
‘can i get lost in you and find myself’
don’t let him get started in the messy hair, 
do not let him get started on the them, 
there are not so many words, 
his eyes do all the talking,
‘you are a catastrophe
you idiot, my only abyss.’

ruin has her name,
while he gets lost in those eyes,
she holds his hands and set him free. 
the white roses turn,
 yellow to golden and red,
and the wildflower bloom, 
as they get lost in the woods, 
among sunflowers, 
lost in each other- finding each other,
each day a new adventure,
sunrise and sunsets goes by,
as time stands still-
they are their own,
sun and moon,
and stars.
light passes through heart, 
and shines on the darkest corner.
watch it in awe, or walk away,
ruin has those black eyes. 

there is witchcraft in those eyes, 
they follow him to the abyss,
and carry him back to the surface, 
two thousand eighteen shades,
two thousand eighteen surprises,
she is everything and more,
‘hold my hands and set me free’
he tells her every chance he gets
be my madness.  
be my asylum’
with a little blush,
and a lot of flair, 
she complies,
‘fall, as an act of love, 
just like lovers do’
he trips and falls all over,
slowly at first, 
then all at once,
‘those eyes are the only abyss
i want to get lost into’
he screams.

ruin has her name
and those black eyes. 
she says ‘i will irritate you for the rest of your lifetime’
some lifetime, it is.
little does she know,
none of them are in control,
it’s a free fall,
‘allow me to destroy myself loving you’
she is a different kind of high,
he could get drunk off her,
to love her, she never had to love him.
he opens the parachute called heart,
as he lands safely, 
in the ruins,
to win them over, 
he whispers gently,
how dare of you to love me.’

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  1. Ruin has beautiful black eyes and now a partner in crime. ❤