Wednesday, June 3, 2020

we can't breathe.

live in the breath,
the privilege you have,
to be able to breathe.
live in the moment,
a man's last words,
"i can't breathe"
as he gets murdered,
deprived of-
 right to breathe,
 right to live,
and watch his six-year old daughter grow.
just because,
his color, his race,
is not the same as yours.
for twenty dollars,
four white police officers,
murdered george in the middle of a street,
‘mama, i can’t breathe.’

hear, plant, grow
get, raged,
if we don't now,
we are the culprits,
for breonna,
and the 13-year-old kid,
who got shot 19-times yesterday.
and for,
damai dai- who can't enter your houses,
kami bhai- who can't enter your temples,
sarki didi- who can't get water from your taps,
'gays'- whoywho frown upon,
the list is too long,
growing on for too long,
as long as history has been.

a false narcissism,
my color is better,
my race is better,
my religion is better,
my caste is better,
my gender is better,
when do we stop?
my skin is not a sin.
my caste is not a sin.
my religion is not a sin.
My gender is not a sin.
silence is,
you can either be a racist,
or racism should boil your blood,
if it does not- you are one.
you cannot be silent,
and empower-
the savages,
the injustice,
the inequality.

being conscious about inequality,
is just not enough.
shame on us,
the entire human race.
we are all the same 23-pairs of chromosomes -
and billions of bases of DNA,
does not matter,
brown black or white,
hindu, christian, muslim,
male, female or 'gay'
and different castes,
you are not privileged,
we are all the same,
flesh, blood and
a whole lot of prejudice.

"i can't breathe"
here is your wake-up call,
call for change,
call to the people,
call to the world,
every man and women are equal.
it is that simple,
and yet so hard,
for the entire history,
we lived as-
white and black and brown,
christians and muslims and hindus,
men and women and 'gays',
upper castes and lower castes,
it is time,
for the:
fight against inequality,
system that enables it,
poisoned minds and unjust hearts,
empty privileges and supremacy.
form wherever we are,
get off and march,
until we start,
living as humans- just humans,
everyone is equal, everybody is equal.

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