Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Ode to the Blue


something about you, 

Woke up with thoughts of you,

crossed my mind as the storms come through, 

chaos and calm, bliss and peace,

Starry nights, (and) northern lights,

Folded dreams, holy grails, 

loud laughs and little blushes, 

Sunset hues-  a little close/closer to blue,

Sweet Loving hell- you get me through.

Silly songs and foggy lullabies,

All my words speak of you. 

Oh Blue- I love you.

I woke up dreaming of blue

Dark/sad eyes going to be the ruins of me,

It feels a little dark but I am alright babe,

my feelings will learn to cope.

Tiny dreams pretty whims-

Midnight ocean, sloppy kisses,

Stay- escapes are not for us.

Good memories have endless riches,

Little moment that last the ages. 

wishes you wishes were true. Blue

Oh Blue.. words don’t come through.

In the end, 

It is dreams, poetry, sunsets,


We all have affairs with beautiful things,

the world  needs more happy endings-


Time’s a storm and ours was just a fling,

It’s alright blue, 

some wings aren’t meant to swing.

Do I deserve to write about you, 

Does s/he deserve me writing about her/him,

None of us are in control,

Moments to memories, 

Biffs and bliss, 

It has been a strange flight, (still is)

There is always a home for you in my chest,

And yet-

Fading away seems like a good thing to do,

And this is my goodbye to you.

Little darling, may you have a happy ending. 

Good bye you, 

Blue.. Oh Blue, ode to you. 

(Johni Mitchell, this is also an Ode to your Blue Album (: )

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