About Me!

This is a random blog, random because i am adding random thoughts and things in it. Hope you will like the things and i so much like you to comment on the posts.
About Me, I am a proud son of my father(Baba) who gave me/us a culture to read books as soon as i could read a letter, still today i can skip lunch or tiffins but never the books of My favorite  authors. I can read pretty much everything(that means i am not specific on what i read) or rather i like to read everything that i can read.
I originate from jhapa,Nepal. Don't ask my religion, I don't believe in any…. i believe though in positive  energy and that i think can be achieved by nothing but Humanity.
I am new to blogging world. This site was created by an inspiration of my friend whom I shall cherish forever..and this blog shall remain eternal. Writing has been a passion since very beginning but not as now. Actually it started with Poems. I used to write poems when I was very young and was good at school but writing articles began late. But I remember writing poems..and showing it to my best friend and sister who hated literature but used to appreciate them a lot. I wish I had collected all those but I could not… I officially started blogging from 11-11-10 and hope I can continue for many years to come